FroogalPay is a unified payments platform that

Payments that make cents

FroogalPay is a flexible, easy-to-use system for accepting credit and debit card payments that connects to virtually every credit card processor. In addition, FroogalPay saves you money by preventing unseen but costly downgrade penalties.


Accept and manage payments from any device with an internet connection and it works with nearly every major banking platform!


Our JSON APIs can be quickly and easily integrated into any hosted application.

See our API


White label our system to maintain brand identity and enhance your product portfolio. Simplify boarding and transacting.


One Dashboard

The FroogalPay Manager simplifies all your payment needs.  Manage everything from reporting to dynamic pricing.  

Aside from being easy to use, these are just some of the reasons why FroogalPay leaps above the competition.

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    FroogalPay connects to virtually every credit card processor and handles level 2 and 3 data. Use your own merchant account or we’ll gladly set you up with ours.

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    Bill presentment

    Stop handling sensitive credit card information with our bill presentment system. Simply enter the amount and invoice # and create your custom bill , which can be text messaged or emailed to your client for payment.

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    Transparent Pricing

    Everything on our platform is available for $10 per month and $0.10 per transaction.

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    Custom Reporting

    Reports can shaped and viewed in a wide range of formats, which are viewable in real time from any device.

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    Reduce costs

    Properly qualify transactions and remove costly downgrade penalties usually associated with B2B transactions.

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    PCI/EMV Compliance

    FroogalPay’s tokenized card vault mitigates PCI and EMV compliance by removing the businesses access to sensitive cardholders data.

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    Multi-location management

    Manage your transactions, locations, users and devices from the FroogalPay Manager which is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

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    Powerful API

    Coding to the FroogalPay API is faster and easier then any other enterprise payment system. FroogalPay greatly reduces your time and cost to integrate payment functionality into your software.



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*Setup Fee


feature we offer

*A one time setup fee of $75 will be charged for any custom payment page

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Getting started with FroogalPay is simple.  Fill out the form and we will send you send you the next steps to send to your merchant bank!