FroogalFencing is a revolutionary geo-fencing technology that

Powerful and Intelligent

FroogalFencing is an intelligent location services technology that empowers existing businesses to precisely track, market and communicate with their customer base. Powerful yet simple technologies bringing your business into the new age of mobility.


We provide businesses with powerful tools to deliver any type of personalized content (messages, notifications, offers, videos and tickets), complete purchases and generate analytics when their customers pass through our precise virtual zones.


An easy way to communicate with consumers without a mass of unwanted and/or repeated messages.


An effective way to market to your customers outside of your facility. You can also market to your users inside your facility with our integrated android and iOS beacons.


Track and analyze your consumers behavior, path and mode of travel without invading their privacy.


Powerful and Simple Controls

FroogalFencing turbo charges your mobile app. From our easy to use dashboard, you can message consumers, create zones, activate beacons and so much more.

The premier Geo-Fencing technology on the market.

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    Low Battery Drain

    FroogalFencing has minimal battery drain on your users device.

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    Amazing Accuracy

    20x more precise then other geo-fencing system on the market.

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    Enterprise Security

    Our system is secured with 1024 bit encryption, which gives you peace of mind that your data is secure.

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    Powerful Analytics

    Our robust reporting helps you understand your customers better.

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    Beacon Integration

    Utilize Android & iOS agnostic beacons for indoor geo-fencing, accurate down to an inch.

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    Payment Ready

    Conduct commerce with our trigger based system. Activate FroogalPay for a more powerful solution.

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    Multi-App Management

    Manage fencing for multiple mobile app’s from a single dashboard.

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    Coming soon will be a globally available SDK – Android and iOS with a SaaS platform and public APIs.



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