FroogalApp-Builder is the way to create and publish apps.

Mobile Apps that make sense

It’s often cost prohibitive, time consuming and resource draining for businesses to develop their own mobile application. With FroogalApps, businesses now have an affordable option for building an enterprise app. It’s quick and easy to design and build.


Create a native application and empower it to actually work for you. Intelligent features help you focus on what is really important; growing and enhancing your business.


We will code to your API or SDK enabling you to accelerate the development cycle and improve your app's functionality. Take advantage of our many integrated modules.


Do you want to white label our system to maintain your brand identity and enhance your current product portfolio? If so, contact us about our partnership opportunities.

How it works

1. Create an account

Signing up is lightning fast and free. Just enter an email account and password.

2. Design and build

Choose between over 40+ templates and 20+ modules to design your unique application.

3. Preview

Download the FroogalPreviewer to your mobile device to view and test the app in a live environment.

4. Publish and pay

Hit publish then pay for your app. In a few days to a week your app will live.

Simple, Powerful, FroogaL

Design and create your app in minutes and preview it from  from your mobile device with the FroogalPreviewer. Available for free on the App Store.


Some of our features are listed below, but why not just try it for yourself?  It’s free to sign up, it’s easy to build and you don’t have to pay until you’re ready to publish your app.

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    20+ modules & growing

    Our system has over 20+ pre-built modules that you can choose from. Modules include social media, video playlists, online reviews and ordering, geo-fencing, mobile payments and ticket purchasing.

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    Mobile payments

    FroogalPay allows you to create your own payment module within your application. From our payments manager you can control pricing, users and more.

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    Integrate your software into our builder

    Creating your own native application can be expensive. We can integrate your software into our platform to significantly reduce your cost to have a dedicated native application.

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    Take your app to the next level with our FroogalFencing module. It offers greater accuracy, lower battery drain, simple spam controls and powerful yet easy to use control systems. Click here to learn more!

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    Android and iOS beacons

    Our beacon integration enables FroogalFending to work inside buildings with greater accuracy and enhanced messaging capabilities.




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